Short Bio (Academic) : Alain Mille

After a first carreer as computer science engineer and project manager (Hospices Civils de Lyon), I was asked to build a Computer Science Department in a private engineering school (CPE-Lyon, Catholic University). In this latter position, I had the oportunity to create a first research team: the main topics were decision helping and complex tasks assistance. I occupied (since 2000) a position of Professor at the Claude Bernard University (Lyon, France). I work as research director in the LIRIS (UMR 5205 CNRS), I work in the research group "COGITE (Cognition & Interaction)" and I am particularly implicated in the team "TWEAK (Traces, Web, Education & Knowledge)". My research work is based on Artificial Intelligence models allowing to reuse concrete experience in order to help users in their tasks. We have applied this approach in several industrial domains as robotics, industrial supervision, computer assisted design, .... On the base of these works, we generalized the models in order to apply the same approach to build "generic" assistants for information retrieval (web information retrieval, contents oriented search in audiovisual libraries) and we developed the notions of "use practice episode" in the context of a current task. We claim that every use of a piece of information create a useful explanation of that piece of information, and in a general way is able to "index" it for further use as piece of knowledge. My current research interest is about "Human-Computer Environment Coupling" as a learning (complex) system.

Since 2015, I am Professor Emeritus and continue active research activity

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