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Catarina Ferreira Da Silva
is Associate Professor at the Informatics Engineering department of  the Lyon 1 University Institute of Technology La Doua (IUT Doua), Campus LyonTech-La Doua, France. She is also researcher at the Service Oriented Computing team of the CNRS Laboratory of Informatics on Images and Information Systems (LIRIS) of Lyon.

Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1
Bâtiment Nautibus - 25 avenue Pierre de Coubertin
69622 Villeurbanne cedex - France

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Research interests: Information Systems, Blockchains, IoT, Cloud Computing Services, Services Science, Business Processes, Semantic Interoperability, Knowledge Representation, Reasoning

Current courses: Cloud Computing and Big Data, Software Engineering, Relational Data Modelling

Past courses: Advanced Topics in Information Systems, Semantic Web, Interoperability and Integration of Information Systems, Distributed and Cooperative Information Systems, Database Management Systems, Management of Technical Data, Software Design Modelling, Java programming

You speak French, you graduated in informatics or electronics, you have good programming skills, you are doing a master's degree in an informatics field, you are looking for a master internship and motivated to work on a PhD related with "Objets connectés pour le suivi des processus logistiques", contact me