Since September 2017 I am on leave at INRIA, at the chroma work group at the CITI laboratory (french: délégation INRIA).

Christian WOLF is associate professor (Maitre de Conférences, HDR) at INSA de Lyon and LIRIS UMR 5205, a CNRS laboratory, since 2005. He is interested in computer vision and machine learning, deep learning, especially in the visual analysis of complex scenes in motion: gesture and activity recognition and pose estimation. In his work he puts an emphasis on models of complex interactions, on structured models, graphical models and on deep learning. He received his MSc in computer science from Vienna University of Technology (TU Wien) in 2000, and a PhD in computer science from INSA de Lyon, France, in 2003. In 2012 he obtained the habilitation diploma, also from INSA de Lyon.

Twitter: @chriswolfvision
Blog: Thoughts on Vision and Learning

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Research interests: Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence

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Starling is a graphical tool to build simple computer-vision applications developed and maintained by the LIRIS research laboratory and its 3 computer vision teams (Website, Github, Youtube video)


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Université de Lyon, INSA de Lyon
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