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For a complete list of publications please visit my DBLP entry and my page at LIRIS LAB

Selected Journals

  1. D. Benslimane, M. Barhamgi, F. Cuppens, F. Morvan, B. Defude, E. Nageba
    PAIRSE: A Privacy-Preserving Service-Oriented Data Integration System
    SIGMOD Record, 2014.
  2. I.A. AMAROUCHE, D. Benslimane, Z. ALIMAZIGHI
    Enabling semantic mediation in DaaS composition: Service-based and context-driven approach
    International Journal of Information Technology and Web Engineering.
  3. S.E. Tbahriti, C. Ghedira, B. Medjahed, M. Mrissa, D. Benslimane
    How to Enhance Privacy within DaaS service Composition ?
    International IEEE Systems Journal, 2012.
  4. A.I. Amine, D. Benslimane, M. Barhamgi, M. Mrissa and A. Zaia
    Electronic Health Record Data-as-a-Services Composition
    Transactions on Large-Scale Data and Knowledge-Centered Systems, 4, 2011.
  5. M. Barhamgi, C. Ghedira, D. Benslimane, B. Medjahed
    An SOA-based Architecture to Data Integration
    International Journal of Organizational and Collective Intelligence,2(3), 2011.
  6. M. Barhamgi, D. Benslimane, B. Medjahed
    A Query Rewriting Approach for Web Service Composition
    IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 3(3), pages 206-222, January 2010.
  7. M. Barhamgi, D. Benslimane, O.A-M Ouksel.
    PWSMS: A Peer-to-Peer Web service Management System for Data Sharing in Collaborative Environments
    International Journal of Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 23(2):23-53. 2008.

Selected International Conferences

  1. M. Barhamgi, D. Benslimane, S. Oulmakhzoune, N. Cuppens-Boulahia, F. Cuppens, M. Mrissa
    Secure and Privacy-preserving Execution Model for Data Services
    CAiSE 2013.
  2. M. Barhamgi, D. Benslimane, Y. Amghar
    PrivComp: A Privacy-aware Data Service Composition System (Demo paper)
    EDBT, 2013 .
  3. M. Mrissa, P. De Vettor, D. Benslimane, M. Sellami, B. Defude.
    A Decentralized Mediation-as-a-Service Architecture for Web Service Composition
    IEEE WETICE, 2013.
  4. K. Benouaret, D. Sacharidis, D. Benslimane, A. Hadjali
    Majority-Rule-Based Web Service Selection
    WISE 2012.
  5. S. Amdouni, D. Benslimane, M. Barhamgi, A. Hadjali, R. Faiz, P Ghodous
    A Preference-Aware Query Model for Data Web Services
    International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER 2012).
  6. K. Benouaret, D. Benslimane, A. Hadjali
    Selecting Skyline Web Services from Uncertain QoS
    IEEE SCC 2012.
  7. K. Benouaret, D. Benslimane, A. Hadjali
    Selecting Skyline Web Data Services for Multiple Users Preferences
    IEEE ICWS 2012.
  8. K. Benouaret, D. Benslimane, A. Hadjali
    Top-k Web Service Compositions in the context of user preferences
    VLDB (Very Large Data Bases)-PhD Workshop.
  9. K. Benouaret, D. Benslimane, A. Hadjali, M. Barhamgi
    Top-k Web Service Compositions using Fuzzy Dominance Relationship
    IEEE SCC, 2011.
  10. K. Benouaret, D. Benslimane, A. Hadjali, M. Barhamgi
    FuDoCS: A Web Service Composition System Based on Fuzzy Dominance for Preference Query Answering
    PVLDB, 2011.
  11. Y. Taher, M.C. Fauvet, M. Dumas, D. Benslimane
    Using CEP Technology to Adapt Messages Exchanged by Web Services
    WWW, 2008.
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