SATQL is a pattern mining language over allowing to discover sets of attributes in a relationnal database.

A first SATQL query

Let us assume one wants to find …

The following SATQL query can be used to discover some of these sets:

FIND ...

Running SATQL

The lastest version of SATQL is included with SATMiner. One can directly download an executable jar file: satminer.jar

In order to execute a SATQL query, one needs to issue the following command in a cmd/shell window:

java -cp /path/to/satminer.jar:path/to/mydbdriver.jar -satql -driver my.db.jdbc.Driver -jdbc "jdbc:mydb:mydburl?param1=val1" -i queryfile.satql

Running the first example

First one needs a database. The following script will download an h2 database engine, some data and create the corresponding database:

curl --url > h2.jar
curl --url somedata.sql > somedata.sql
java -cp h2.jar -url jdbc:h2:example -script somedata.sql