Research activity

G. Beslon


I am mainly concerned by modeling of biological systems by mean of computational tools. The objective is to unravel the organizational principles of biological systems through modeling, simulation and abstraction.

I specifically focus on three different biological systems:

  1. Computational Neuroscience: How a structured perception and behavior emerge from the interactions of a neural system and its environment?

  2. Digital evolution: Modeling of artificial organisms that evolve in silico. I am particularly interested in the evolution of robustness and evolvability. We have developed an artificial evolution model (aevol) dedicated to the study of genome structure evolution.
    These researches are mainly done in the context of the FET-Proactive EvoEvo project (EvoEvo project web page)

  3. Cell modeling: How do stable cellular structure, dynamic and function emerge from the basically disordered molecular behavior? I particularly focus on the dynamic of eukaryotic nuclear structures (e.g., nuclear bodies), on the dynamic of membrane microdomains and on the stochastic properties of genes regulation.

For each of these systems, we develop models and simulation in order to explore the properties of the system in a complex science perspective.

Individual-Based Modeling of Complex Biological Systems

Individual-Based Modeling of Complex Biological Systems,

Computational Biology,

Systems Biology,

Artificial Life.