Teaching activity

G. Beslon

  1. Micromachine Project (INSA-Lyon, Comp. Sc. Dept., 3rd year)

  2. Design and simulate a 16 bits CPU using the DesignWorks simulation tools.

  3. Link to the project pages

  4. Khepif Project (INSA-Lyon, Comp. Sc. Dept, 3rd year)

  5. Design and program a controller for a khepera II robot

  6. Link to the project pages (C. Wolf’s pages)

  7. Fil-Rouge Project (INSA-Lyon, Comp. Sc. Dept. 3rd year)

  8. The Fil-Rouge project is an open annual project: Students have to realize a project on the subject “they want”. They must work in groups of 5 to 8 students.

  9. SCOR Project

  10. The SCOR project is a robot competition that uses Khepera II robots to play a ball game. Students must code to robots controller and the vision system and ultimately win the competition ...

  11. Link to the project pages

  12. Bio-Inspired Computing (INSA-Lyon, Comp. Sc. Dept., 5th year)

  13. Introduction to neural networks and Evolutionary Computation

  14. Introduction to artificial life (Université de Lyon, Master level)

  15. Introduction to bio-modeling and artificial life

  16. A few hints about computer arithmetics (INSA-Lyon, Comp. Sc. Dept., 3rd year)

  17. Download the tutorial (in french)

Teaching activity

Professor at the Computational Science Department (Dept. IF) of the National Institute of Applied Science (INSA-Lyon)