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A Generative Framework for Image-based Editing of Material Appearance using Perceptual Attributes

Johanna Delanoy1 Manuel Lagunas1 Jorge Condor 1 Diego Gutierrez1 Belen Masia1
1Universidad de Zaragoza

Given a single image as input (top row), our framework allows to edit the appearance of objects using high-level perceptual attributes. It produces realistic edits (bottom row) for a variety of real images depicting objects with different material appearance, illumi- nation, and geometry. Note how illumination conditions are preserved in the edited results even though they were not explicitly modeled in the framework. Arrows indicate a high (pointing up) or low (pointing down) value of the target perceptual attribute.


Single-image appearance editing is a challenging task, traditionally requiring the estimation of additional scene properties such as geometry or illumination. Moreover, the exact interaction of light, shape and material reflectance that elicits a given perceptual impression is still not well understood. We present an image-based editing method that allows to modify the material appearance of an object by increasing or decreasing high-level perceptual attributes, using a single image as input. Our framework relies on a two-step generative network, where the first step drives the change in appearance and the second produces an image with high-frequency details. For training, we augment an existing material appearance dataset with perceptual judgements of high-level attributes, collected through crowd-sourced experiments, and build upon training strategies that circumvent the cumbersome need for original-edited image pairs. We demonstrate the editing capabilities of our framework on a variety of inputs, both synthetic and real, using two common perceptual attributes (Glossy and Metallic), and validate the perception of appearance in our edited images through a user study.

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