I lead innovative projects dedicated to the valuation of knowledge in both private and public institutions. I am currently working on facing semantic enrichment challenges in the context of bibliographic data.

Current Position

I am in charge of the innovation and R&D division in the french company Progilone. I also work with the French LIRIS laboratory ( to face challenges related to data integration, metadata migration and semantic enrichment with a specific case study about cultural heritage data.



2013 - Present
Progilone SAS

Syrtis is an Integrated Library System based on new bibliographic standards like FRBR & RDA. It offers to libraries the access to the ecosystem of Web, enhances the semantic of the data and revolutionizes the management of the bibliographical catalogs.


2011 - 2017

DIRICKS stands for Distributed Integration, gaRdening and Investigation for Cultural Knowledge with Streams. It is a research collaboration between the LIRIS laboratory (Lyon, France) and the Norvegian University of Science & Technologies (Trondheim, Norway) about knowledge gardening in the cultural heritage domain.

Recent Publications

Here you can find some recent research publications extracted from Hal.

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