Lisa Chabrier

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. at the Inria Lyon centre, with Anton Crombach, Christophe Rigotti, and Sergio Peignier. I am a member of the Beagle team and I am affiliated to the LIRIS laboratory.

I studied Bioinformatics and Modelisation at Sorbonne Université in Paris.

You can find my CV here and look at my code on GitHub and on the Inria GitLab.

You can contact me with this email adress: lisa (.) chabrier (@) inria (.) fr

Research interests

My main interest is systems biology, which is giving a new perspective to biology for a few decades. I am approaching this discipline from the computer scientist perspective and I enjoy finding familiar objects such as networks used in the biological context.

I am currently using single-cell sequencing to infer Gene Regulatory Network (GRNs) with pySCENIC and these GRNs are my object of study. The goal of my Ph.D. is to take advantage of this new sequencing technique, which easily generates data sets across different time points and situations for the same cell types. This allows differential analysis to go beyond gene expression and study the differences in gene regulation. In turn, that enables us to better understand the adaptivity of cells in, for example, cancer treatment.

You can find more information about my Ph.D. here.


I started teaching theses courses in Computer Science at the Biosciences department of INSA Lyon: