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 |**GID**|Subject|Time| ​ |**GID**|Subject|Time| ​
 |G1|//P. Simonaitis & D. Lajou//​|Football data challenge| 13h30| |G1|//P. Simonaitis & D. Lajou//​|Football data challenge| 13h30|
 +|G2|//M. Boritchev & M. Chardet//​|San Francisco Crimes |13h45|
 +|G3|//J-Y. Franceschi, F. Lebeau & V. Mollimard//​|LoL|14h|
 +|G4|//B. Brikci-Sid, S. Tendjaoui & H. Yampa//​|Detecting gender from  micro-reviews|14h15|
 +|G5|//V. Michielini, E. Moutot & E. Oshurko//​|Death cause prediction|14h30| ​
 +|G6|//R. Grünblatt, S. Mauras & X. Vu//​|District mapping from social media|14h45|
 +|G7|//C. Lucas//| ____ |15h|  ​
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