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 |**DBLP**|//​Co-authorship network//​|2723|45|9| [[http://​liris.cnrs.fr/​~mplantev/​Data/​DBLP/​|Attributes,​ graph, and mappings]]| |**DBLP**|//​Co-authorship network//​|2723|45|9| [[http://​liris.cnrs.fr/​~mplantev/​Data/​DBLP/​|Attributes,​ graph, and mappings]]|
 |**Del.icio.us**| //Social bookmarking network// |1867|121|5|[[http://​liris.cnrs.fr/​~mplantev/​Data/​Delicious/​|Attributes,​ graph and mappings]]| |**Del.icio.us**| //Social bookmarking network// |1867|121|5|[[http://​liris.cnrs.fr/​~mplantev/​Data/​Delicious/​|Attributes,​ graph and mappings]]|
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