Full Professor, Computer Science Department, University Lyon 1

Head of Blockchain and Cloud Computing Theme, SOC,  LIRIS-CNRS Laboratory (Email : parisa.ghodous at

Responsible of  Professional Master CCI of Computer Science Department of University of Lyon 1

Membre of CNU 27 (Conseil National des Universités)

Member of « CNESER » and « CNESER DISCIPLINAIRE » (2015-2019)

Phone: (33) 4 72 44 58 84

Fax: (33) 4 72 43 13 12 E-mail: parisa.ghodous at

Postal Address: Département Informatique, Université C.B. Lyon1, 43, Bd du 11 Nov 1918, 69622 Villeurbanne cedex, France.


 Research Interests

·        Blockchain as a Service

·        IOT as a Service

·        Cloud Computing

·         Knowledge Modeling and Integration

·         Collaborative Modeling and Architectures

·         Interoperability, ontologies

·         Concurrent Engineering,

·         Product and Process Data Modelling

·         Data and Knowledge Integration and Exchange


PHD Supervising

I have the pleasure to supervise the following PHD students:


·        Léo BESANCON co-supervising with Catarina Ferreira Da Silva and Jean-Patrick Gelas (B2Expand),

·         Mouna LABIADH  co-supervising with Christian Obrecht, Catarina Ferreira Da Silva (CETHIL, EDF)

·         Achraf RAHMOUNI co-supervising with Catarina Ferreira Da Silva (ISITEC)



I had the pleasure to supervise the following PHD:


·         Minhu LYU co-supervising with Frédérique Biennier

·         Gavin KEMP co-supervising with Catarina Ferreira Da Silva, Genoveva Vargas Solar (Arc7, Région Rhône-Alpes, Pôle LUTB)

·         Hayri ACAR  co-supervising with Jean Patrick Gelas

·         Cheikh KACFAH EL-EMANI co-supervising with Catarina Ferreira Da Silva, Bruno FIES (CSTB)

·         Hind BENFENATKI co-supervising with Nabila Benharkat, Catarina Ferreira Da Silva

.     Lamine BENMIMOUNE co-supervising with Amir Hajjam El-Hassani (Université de Belfort-Montbéliard)

·         Malik KHALFALLAH co-supervising with Mahmoud Barhamgi, Nicolas Figay (AIRBUS)

·        Olivier KUHN co-supervising with Pierre Collet and Josip Stjepandic (PROSTEP)

·         Rabih TOUT (ALTER SYSTEMS)

·         Moisés LIMA DUTRA co-supervising with Ricardo Gonçalves (UNINOVA, Portugal)

·         Youssef ROUMMIEH co-supervising with Philippe Vanhems (Hôpital Edouard Herriot)

·         Samer ABDUL-GHAFOUR co-supervising with Eliane Perna, Behzad Shariat (DATAKIT)

·         Nicolas FIGAY (AIRBUS)

·         Patrick HOFFMANN co-supervising with Ram Sriram (NIST)

·         Catarina FERREIRA DA SILVA co-supervising with Lionel Médini, Celson Lima (CSTB)

·         Kamel SLIMANI (Région Rhône-Alpes)

·         Christel DARTIGUES co-supervising with Ram Sriram (NIST)

·         Imad EL KHALKHALI co-supervising with Michel Martinez, Joel Favrel







International Relationships

·         NIST, USA : Ram Sriram, Shaw Feng, Nader Moayeri

.     Université Santa Catarina, Brazil : Moisés Lima Dutra

·         UNINOVA : Portugal, Ricardo Gonçalves

·         University of Leeds, UK Farzad Khosrowshahi

·         Tsing Hua University Taiwan, Amy Trappey


Current European Projects

·         CHAISE Blockchain (2020-2024)

·         MACHINA Machine Learning skills for ICT Professionals (2020-2022)


Recent European Projects

·         BLISS ERASMUS + 2017-1-FRO 1-KA202-037259 Blockchain  Labeled as a Key Success Story (2017-2020)

·         VET4APPS  Mobile Application Labeled as a Key Success Story 

·         NEBULA  Cloud Computing



·         Blockchain (Regular lecture and MOOC)

·         Cloud Computing (Regular lecture and MOOC)

·          Cooperative and Distributed Information Systems

·         Interoperability and Integration of Information Systems

·         ERP/SAP

·         Concurrent Engineering, PLM, Technical Data Management Systems, Standards

·         DataBase

·         Information Systems (Merise, UML)



Educational Background

"Habilitation à diriger des recherches", 13 december 2002, "Models and Architectures for Collaborative Engineering", University Lyon 1

PHD thesis, 16 september 1996, "Integrated Data Modeling for Product and Process", University Lyon 1

Research Master (DEA), 1993, "Standard Interface for Data Exchange", INSA of Lyon

BS in Computer Engineering, 1988