Solid and its standardization in W3C

WebEvolve - 2024-01-11

Pierre-Antoine Champin

Pierre-Antoine Champin

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  • Associate professor at Université Lyon 1 (France)
  • Visiting researcher at Inria
  • W3C fellow since February 2021
  • Solid in a nutshell

    a user interacting with two siloed applications, each of them controlloing the data produced by the user a user interacting with two Solid applications, both of them storing data in a POD under the user's control


    of decoupling data from applications →

    For users

    • privacy
    • sovereignty
    • more value from their data

    For application providers

    • a more competitive ecosystem
    • no/lesser cold-start problem

    Solid so far

    Standardizing Solid

    A charter for a Solid Working Group was proposed to the W3C members in September 2023, focusing on the Solid Protocol specification.

    Unfortunately, it was rejected by the W3C members.

    Work on a new charter proposal

    Any question?