Sophia v0.8 is finally there

It took a very long time, but the new version of Sophia, v0.8, is finally out ( Some of the reasons for this long delay were exepected and alreday explained in my previous blog post (two years ago...). The highlights of this new versions are:

I am also happy to see Sophia being used in different projects (see the dedicated section in the README).

Try it out

An Web-assembly demo of Sophia is available: .

What's next

  • Hopefully, it will not be two more years before the next release of Sophia! We are now using milestones on Github to plan and prioritize the next features.
  • I now consider the Sophia API to be stable enough to be implemented by third-party crates. My first take at this will be to propose an implementation of Sophia traits for Oxigraph.


Again, a huge thanks to the all the contributors of Sophia, as well as the maintainers of the crates of which Sophia critically relies, in particular Tpt for the Rio parsers and serializers, and timothee-haudebourg for the json-ld crate.