Strap - Streaming Access Protocol for RDF

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New (2006/07/13) Version 0.2 of the Java implementation has been released. It now supports two APIs: Jena and Sesame. Sesame implements both server and client side. Jena only implements the client side yet (but implementing the server side should be quite straightforward).

(2006/04/26) Version 0.1 of the Java implementation has been released. It only implements the client side, which is compatible with the Python implementation (it implements version 0.2 of the protocol).

(2006/04/25) Version 0.2 of the Python implementation has been released. It implements version 0.2 of the protocol, where multiple commands can be stacked into a single communication stream.

(2006/01/25) You can now browse the darcs repository, and even subscribe to its RSS stream.

(2005/11/18) A poorly tested pre-release of the python implementation is online.

About Strap

Strap has first been developped as a part of the Cross project. It is a protocol for exchanging RDF graphs between independant software components. Rather than using standard serialization syntaxes, Strap transports RDF graphs as a stream of triples which can be interrupted at any moment.

Strap is distributed under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.


Python implementation

Java implementation