1 Unorganized sets of 3-D points





2 Particular case of range images
                   (University of South Florida)


3 Structuration of the data
                  (Neighborhood relationship)

4 Surface local descriptors

    --> characterization of local putative boundary features

3 Segmentation of P into significant parts of the object

     --> Problem of local organisation
     --> No constraining model for the regions

4 Extremal Escarpment Trees



5 Partitionning into atomic regions



6 First merging step - Enhancement of natural boundaries


7 Hysteresis process - further merging step


8 Application to range images

Range Image                     Result of our method
                                                                                                                                                    (not dedicated to planar segmentation)

UB method                UE method                 USF method

9 Steps by steps on a simple example

 (With contraction ...)


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