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SIGGRAPH or SIGGRAPH-ASIA papers and course notes:
Example-Based Sampling with Diffusion Models 2023
MatBuilder: Mastering Sampling Uniformity Over Projections 2022
Cascaded Sobol' Sampling 2021
Sliced Optimal Transport Sampling 2020
On Multiple Virtues of Blue Noise Sampling 2019
A Low-Discrepancy Sampler that Distributes Monte Carlo Errors as a Blue Noise in Screen Space 2019
Low-Discrepancy Blue Noise Sampling 2016
Variance Analysis for Monte Carlo Integration 2015
Fast Tile-Based Adaptive Sampling with User-Specified Fourier Spectra 2014
Linear Efficient Antialiased Displacement and Reflectance Mapping 2013
Improving Robustness of Monte-Carlo Global Illumination with Directional Regularization 2013
Blue Noise through Optimal Transport 2012
Structure-Aware Error Diffusion 2009
Tile-Based Methods for Interactive Applications 2008
Sampling with Polyominoes 2007
Fast Hierarchical Importance Sampling with Blue Noise Properties 2004
Perceptual and Artistic Principles for Effective Computer Depiction 2002
A Simple and Efficient Error-Diffusion Algorithm 2001
Digital Facial Engraving 1999
Multicolor and Artistic Dithering 1999
Reproducing Color Images Using Custom Inks 1998
Artistic Screening 1995
Rotated Dispersed Dither: a New Technique for Digital Halftoning 1994
Journal or Invited papers:
Generator Matrices by Solving Integer Linear Programs 2023
Blue-noise sampling for human retinal cone spatial distribution 2020
STAR: Analysis of Sample Correlations for Monte Carlo Rendering 2019
Fourier Analysis of Correlated Monte Carlo Importance Sampling 2019
Sequences with Low-Discrepancy Blue-Noise 2-D Projections 2018
Characterization of bijective digitized rotations on the hexagonal grid 2018
Extracting Microfacet-based BRDF Parameters from Arbitrary Materials with Power Iterations 2015
Pointillist video stylization based on particle tracing 2013
L-system specification of knot-insertion rules for non-uniform B-spline subdivision 2012
Image Recoloring Using Linear Template Mapping 2012
Artistic Halftoning - Between Technology and Art 2000
Stochastic Clustered-Dot Dithering 1999
Mathematical Tools for Computer-Generated Ornamental Pattern 1998
Introduction à la génération d'images en demi-tons 1995
Spectral Analysis and Minimisation of Moire patterns in Colour Separation 1994
Punk: from METAFONT to PostScript 1989
Book chapters:
Non-Photorealistic Shading and Hatching 2012
Digital Halftones 2012
Techniques de rendu non-photoréaliste 2002
Other refereed papers:
Towards human retinal cones spatial distribution modeling 2019
Variance Analysis for Monte Carlo Integration: A Representation-Theoretic Perspective 2015
Specular BSDF Approximation for Efficient Specular Scene Rendering 2012
Recent Progress in Improvement of Extreme Discrepancy and Star Discrepancy of One-dimensional Sequences 2008
Efficient product sampling using hierarchical thresholding 2008
Polyomino-Based Digital Halftoning 2008
Motion Cues for Illustration of Skeletal Motion Capture Data 2007
Fast Generation of Importance-sampled Point Sets with Associated Delaunay Triangulation 2007
Building 2D Low-Discrepancy Sequences for Hierarchical Importance Sampling Using Dodecagonal Aperiodic Tiling 2007
Non-Photorealistic Rendering of Hair for Animated Cartoons 2004
Halftoning Over a Hexagonal Grid 2003
Hatching by Example: a Statistical Approach 2002
Error-Diffusion with Blue-Noise Properties for Midtones 2002
Decoupling Strokes and High-Level Attributes for Interactive Traditional Drawing 2001
Optimal Halftoning for Network-Based Imaging 2001
Resolution or more colours ­ Making the choice 1998
An interface for the interactive design of artistic screens 1998
Structure Artifact Free Multi-Level Error Diffusion Algorithm 1998
Specifying color differences in a linear color space (LEF) 1997
Recent Progress in Digital Halftoning for Color Reproduction 1997
Dithering Algorithms for Variable Dot Size Printers 1996
Predicting the spectral behaviour of colour printers for transparent inks on transparent support 1996
Multi-Level Colour Halftoning Algorithms 1996
Anti-Counterfeiting Feature of Artistic Screening 1996
Halftoning by Rotating Non-Bayer Dispersed Dither Arrays 1995
A Grid-Based Method for Predicting the Behaviour of Colour Printers 1995
Two approaches in scanner-printer calibration: colorimetric space-based vs. closed-loop 1994
Pseudo-Random Halftone Screening for Color and Black&White Printing 1993
Chromaticity gamut enhancement by heptatone multi-color printing 1993
Hardware Acceleration of Halftoning 1993
Hermite approximation for offset curve computation 1993

Issued patents

US Patent 7,911,651 Method for screening an image 2011
EP Patent EP1549044 Method and apparatus for establishing screens by deciding the level of chromatic stauration and error diffusion 2009
EP Patent EP1784973 Method for screening an image 2009
EP Patent EP1553754 Method and device for establishing frame error diffusion and ink limiting by threshold value matrix 2008
US Patent 7,054,038 Method and apparatus for generating digital halftone images by multi color dithering 2006
US Patent 6,870,642 Halftoning by enhanced error diffusion 2005
EP Patent EP1562365 System and method for image halftoning adapted to use multiple error diffusion paths 2005
US Patent 6,356,362 Halftoning by enhanced error diffusion 2002
US Patent 6,198,545 Method and apparatus for generating halftone images by evolutionary screen dot contours 2001
US Patent 5,923,774 Matrix-based gray component replacement for color halftoning 1999
EP Patent EP0828379 Halftoning with gradient-based selection of dither matrices 1998
US Patent 5,737,453 Enhanced error-diffusion method for color or black-and-white reproduction 1998
EP Patent EP0806865 Matrix-based gray component replacement for color halftoning 1997
US Patent 5,701,366 Halftoning with gradient-based selection of dither matrices 1997
US Patent 5,438,431 Method and apparatus for generating digital halftone images using a rotated dispersed dither matrix 1995
US Patent 5,422,742 Method and apparatus for generating halftone images by discrete one-to-one dither tile rotation 1995

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