Axel Paris - PhD Student in Computer Graphics

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I am currently a PhD Student in Computer Graphics at LIRIS and teacher at Université Lyon 1. My thesis is about the creation of complex natural scenes, and more specifically the terrain composing the landscape. My focus is on terrain generation, implicit modeling and physical simulation.
See my publications and the Arches Team website page for more information.


26/10/2021:  Karst Synthesis paper at Pacific Graphics

25/03/2021:  Tweet Tuesday 01: Mars, Fractals, Meandering rivers, Programming

27/11/2020:  CGI Best Paper Award

09/07/2020:  Segment Tracing & Implicit Blocks papers

14/02/2020:  Terrain Erosion on the GPU #2: Correct Thermal Erosion

26/01/2020:  Public domain Marching cube in C++

30/09/2019:  Desertscape Simulation, Implicit Terrains and Orometry papers

15/04/2018:  Terrain Erosion on the GPU #1: Fast Thermal Erosion

10/03/2018:  Equilibrium Video Game

10/03/2018:  Atmosphere Modeling by Sketching

08/03/2018:  Accessibility in Video Games

24/06/2017:  Procedural Material Placement and PBR