I am professor of computer science at INSA Lyon since 2014, in the Industrial Engineering department.

I work at LIRIS lab, in the DM2L (Data Mining and Maching Learning) team.

I receive my research habilitation in December 2013 from the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1.

Research domain

My research domain is rooted in data mining methods. I work on co-clustering, pattern mining under constraints, and graph modeling. I am also interested in data science applications. I am currently working on the following subjects:
  • Pattern and exceptional model mining in attributed and dynamic graphs
  • Social data analysis
  • Interactive model mining
  • Interpretable machine learning models.


  • Academics (2018-2021) -- call for projects Scientific breakthrough of IDEX Lyon
    The project goal is to develop Machine Learning and Data Science approaches for Complex and Dynamical Models for climate and digital society.
    Partners: ENS Lyon, University of Saint-Etienne, INSA Lyon.
  • GRAISearch (2014-2018) -- European project Marie Curie Industry-Academia Partnerships and Pathways (IAPP) Call: FP7-PEOPLE-2013-IAPP.
    In this project we developed methods to detect geo-located events from social network data.
    Partners : Tapastreet Ltd, Trinity College Dublin, INSA Lyon.
  • RESALI: REseaux et Système ALImentaire (2015-2019) -- Labex IMU (laboratoire d'excellence d'Intelligence des Mondes Urbains
    Multidisciplinary project whose goal is to analyse Ce projet pluri-disciplinaire avec des collègues géographes du laboratoire EVS a pour but d'analyser des systèmes territoriaux et des réseaux alimentaires par des approches de fouille de données hétérogènes et de représentation cartographique. Partners: ENS Lyon, INSA Lyon.