M2R internship

Inverse procedural modeling of digital terrains (internship proposal)

DEM repository

The DEM repository is now online

Siggraph Asia 2019 in Brisbane and Pacific Graphics 2019 in Seoul - Three articles accepted

We got one paper accepted at Siggraph Asia 2019 and two papers at Pacific Graphics 2019 in the team.

Eurographics 2019 in Genova - Two articles accepted

We got two papers accepted at Eurographics 2019 in our team

Deep Terrains – Code and data

Deep Terrains – Code and data

Interactive Example-Based Terrain Authoring with Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks

Siggraph Asia 2017 paper

Troisième place à la compétition de couverture de CGF

CGF cover contest

Sparse representation of terrains for procedural modeling

Eurographics 2016 paper

Efficient modeling of entangled details for natural scenes

Pacific Graphics 2016 paper