Siggraph Asia 2019 in Brisbane and Pacific Graphics 2019 in Seoul - Three articles accepted

We got one paper accepted at Siggraph Asia 2019 and two papers at Pacific Graphics 2019 in the team.

This year has been productive in terms of publications! We are proud to announce these publications to the top venues of Pacific Graphics and Siggraph Asia.

Siggraph Asia 2019 paper “Orometry-based terrain analysis and synthesis”

First authored by Oscar Argudo, currently post-doc in our team, this paper introduces the concept of Orometry to computer graphics and shows how it successfully manages to classify terrains around the world and allows different style of terrains to be generated.

Pacific Graphics 2019 paper “Procedural Riverscapes”

This paper introduces for the first time a model and method to amplify terrains with river features by both carving the riverbed and animating the river with nice procedural river primitives.

Pacific Graphics 2019 paper “Desertscapes Simulation”

This work introduces a simulation-based method to generate desertscapes. It successfully manages to reproduce most of the features found in arid landscapes. The user can intervene into the simulation process to allow authoring.

TOG paper presented at Siggraph Asia “Terrain Amplification with Implicit 3D Features”

This TOG paper will also be presented at Siggraph Asia 2019. It introduces a model based on implicit surfaces that allows the amplification of an existing terrain with 3D features such as overhangs, caves, karst effects, or see erosion.