Laurent Feuilloley

CNRS junior researcher (Chargé de recherche)

office: 12.016, Nautibus building, La Doua campus.
pronouns: he/him.

Research interests: Algorithms and graphs.

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Brief bio

I'm a junior CNRS researcher (Chargé de recherche) at LIRIS, University of Lyon, since October 2022. Before that I have been a postdoc in various places: at LIRIS working with Nicolas Bousquet, at Universidad de Chile working with José Correa; and at LIP6 Sorbonne University, working with Franck Petit. I got my PhD at IRIF, Université Paris 7 in 2018, under the supervision of Pierre Fraigniaud.
→ See my CV and my ORCID.


I'm surpervising the PhD thesis of Sébastien Zeitoun (with Nicolas Bousquet and Éric Duchêne).


→ See my list of publications : by year · by topic.
→ See also DBLP · Google Scholar .


I'm currently in the PC of SSS 2024 and Algotel 2024.
I have served in the PC of DISC 2023, DISC 2022, SSS 2021, and OPODIS 2020.
And also in the PC of French conferences: Algotel 2023 and Algotel 2022.
For reviews → see my review page.
See also the list of people with whom I have a COI.
I also was part of the Gilles Kahn award committee 2022.


Recent or up-coming talks: For past talks → see my list of talks.


Regular events and future events: For past events, see my CV.


I have a research blog, Discrete Notes.


For past teaching → see my teaching page (in French).

Scientific mediation

Current activities: Once a month, mediation of the exhibition at the house of maths and CS in Lyon (Website in French).
Also once a month: meeting with middle school students for small research projects (Maths en jean project ; website in French).
For past mediation activities → see my full CV.

This webpage style is inspired by the one of Jukka Suomela.