Laurent Feuilloley


office: 12.027, Nautibus building, La Doua campus.

Research interests: Algorithms and graphs.

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  • We are starting a series of meetings about graph theory in Lyon. Check out the webpage here.
  • The videos of the DARe workshop are finally out! Check the youtube channel.
  • A new paper on the arxiv: Local certification of MSO properties for bounded treedepth graphs with Nicolas Bousquet and Théo Pierron.
  • I gave a talk at the ADGA workshop (ADGA stands for "Advances in distributed graph algorithms", and it is a satellite of DISC). A long prerecorded version of my talk is available here and the slides are here.
  • We rewrote our self-stabilization lower bound paper, it is now named Optimal Space Lower Bound for Deterministic Self-Stabilizing Leader Election Algorithms (with Gabriel Le Bouder and Lélia Blin). See the arxiv version.
  • A new paper on the arxiv: Distributed recoloring of interval and chordal graphs with Nicolas Bousquet, Marc Heinrich and Mikael Rabie.
  • Introduction to local certification appears in the full open-access journal DMTCS.
  • A new paper on the arxiv: Local certification of graph decompositions and applications to minor-free classes, with Nicolas Bousquet and Théo Pierron. We presented this work at DISC 2021 as a brief announcement. A prerecorded longer version of the talk is available here.
  • See also: old news.

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