Note on distributed certification of minimum spanning trees.

Laurent Feuilloley

Technical note. 2019.




A distributed proof (also known as local certification, or proof-labeling scheme) is a mechanism to certify that the solution to a graph problem is correct. It takes the form of an assignment of labels to the nodes, that can be checked locally. There exists such a proof for the minimum spanning tree problem, using $O(\log n \log W)$ bit labels (where $n$ is the number of nodes in the graph, and $W$ is the largest weight of an edge). This is due to Korman and Kutten who describe it in concise and formal manner in [Korman Kuttten 07]. In this note, we propose a more intuitive description of the result, as well as a gentle introduction to the problem.


This note originates from a careful reading of [Korman Kuttten 07], while working on this paper. Comments are most welcome.