A practical framework for generating volumetric meshes of subject-specific soft tissue

Pieter Peeters Nicolas Pronost
Utrecht University Utrecht University
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Our framework prepares subject-specific segmented MRI datasets for the FE simulation of soft tissues.

Abstract :

Studying human motion using musculoskeletal models is a common practice in the field of biomechanics. By using such models, recorded subject's motions can be analyzed in successive steps from kinematics and dynamics to muscle control. However simulating muscle deformation and interaction is not possible, but other methods such as a finite element (FE) simulation are very well suited to simulate deformation and interaction of objects. In this paper we present a practical framework for the automatic generation of FE ready meshes based on subject-specific segmented MRI data. The proposed method resolves several types of data inconsistencies: noise, an incomplete dataset and self-intersections. This paper shows the different steps of the method, such as solving overlaps in the segmented surfaces, generating the volume mesh and the connection to a musculoskeletal simulation.

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