I am involved in the following courses at Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (France) as part of the Maths and Computer Science BSc program and the Computer Science MSc program.

Student projects

  • Master project: Predictive simulation of virtual characters' motion using a muscle model [thesis].
  • Master project: De l’imagerie médicale au squelette en mouvement [thesis (FR)].
  • Master project: Real-time gait control for partially immersed bipeds [thesis].
  • Master project: Adaptive Geometrical Action Line for Musculoskeletal Simulation [thesis].
  • Master project: Real-Time Collision-aware Musculoskeletal Model for Virtual Human Animation [thesis].
  • Master project: Hierarchical development of physics-based animation controllers [thesis].
  • Master project: The 5/10 Method - A method for designing educational games [thesis].
  • Master project: Unified Platform for Subject-specific Neuromuscular and Finite Element Simulations [thesis].
  • Master project: Skeletal similarity based automatic joint mapping for performance animation [thesis].
  • Master project: Online full-body motion reconstruction [thesis].
  • Small project: Disparity map reconstruction from stereoscopic images [report].
  • Small project: Simple Pose Controller for Muscle Actuated Characters [report].
  • Small project: Competitive choices on actions in motion graph [report].
  • Small project: Virtual Characters and Dynamic Fluid Interaction [report].
  • Small project: Implementation of a momentum-based distance metric for motion graphs [report].
  • Small project: Automatic ragdoll creation from 3D models [report].
  • Small project: Experiments on a level set method for ductile fracture [report].
  • Small project: Muscle activity - From D-Flow to RAGE [report].
  • Small project: Physical fatigue assessment for virtual character animation [report].
  • Small project: Muscle Activation Database [report].
  • Small project: Realtime Visualization of Water Simulation Output [report].
  • Small project: Automatic Processing of Motion Capture Data [report].
  • Literature review: A Literature Review on Real-Time Musculoskeletal Model for Injury Simulation on 3D Human Characters [review].
  • Literature review: A Literature Review on Virtual Character Assessment [review].


I was responsible for the following courses at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) as part of the Game and Media Technology Program.

I was also involved (praticals, tutorials or project supervision) in the following courses.