Influences des adaptations morphologiques et cinématiques
sur la dynamique des mouvements

Nicolas Pronost Georges Dumont
University of Rennes 1 ENS Cachan

Influences de la mise à l'échelle et de la structure du squelette

Abstract :

In animation, to adapt motions to morphological and environmental constraints became a standard method to produce natural looking motions. Although the results of many approaches answer this kinematic criterion, nothing ensures their physical accuracies. We propose, in this paper, a method of evaluation of the influence of such methods of adaptation on the dynamics of a motion. We present an application on a method of adaptation using retargeting and kinematic interpolations in a database of locomotions. Our approach lies on the automatic creation of a biomechanical model of the character and on an algorithm of inverse dynamics. We separately evaluate how the retargeting and the interpolation change the physics of the motions thanks to comparisons with the literature and with experimental results from force plates.

Paper :
19èmes Journées de l'AFIG - Paper

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