Morphology independent motion retrieval and control

Nicolas Pronost Franck Multon Qilei Li
Zhejiang University University of Rennes 1, 2 Zhejiang University
State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG IRISA - Bunraku State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG

Weidong Geng Richard Kulpa Georges Dumont
Zhejiang University University of Rennes 2 ENS Cachan
State Key Laboratory of CAD&CG M2S Laboratory IRISA - Bunraku

Three characters with different morphologies satisfy the same
constraint (to kick the blue sphere) by performing different natural looking motions

Abstract :

This paper addresses the problem of selecting and adapting a motion in order to make a virtual human interact with a user in real-time. We describe a method that is able to retrieve the most appropriate motion in interactive environments where both the constraints and the character's morphology are not known in advance. The method described here is based on a morphology-independent representation of motion to perform fast motion retargetting and retrieval. Because the size of the database is not infinite, even the best candidate motion may not satisfy precisely all the imposed constraints. As a second step of the algorithm, the selected motion is locally adapted in order to accurately satisfy these constraints. This adaptation allows dealing with a large set of possible movements even if no candidate in the database exactly fits the constraints.

Keywords :

Virtual human - Morphology independent representation - Motion retargetting and retrieval - Interactive animation

Paper :
Paper available on the IJVR website

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