Muscle-Based Control for Character Animation

Ana Lucia Cruz Ruiz Charles Pontonnier Nicolas Pronost Georges Dumont
IRISA/INRIA MimeTIC, Rennes France IRISA/INRIA MimeTIC, Rennes France Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 IRISA/INRIA MimeTIC - ENS Rennes
ENS Rennes, Bruz, France ENS Rennes, Bruz, France - Ecoles de Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, Guer, France LIRIS SAARA, Lyon, France ENS Rennes, Bruz, France

Abstract :
Muscle-based control is transforming the field of physics-based character animation through the integration of knowledge from neuroscience, biomechanics and robotics, which enhance motion realism. Since any physics-based animation system can be extended to a muscle-actuated system, the possibilities of growth are tremendous. However, modelling muscles and their control remains a difficult challenge. We present an organized review of over a decade of research in muscle-based control for character animation, its fundamental concepts and future directions for development. The core of this review contains a classification of control methods, tables summarizing their key aspects and popular neuromuscular functions used within these controllers, all with the purpose of providing the reader with an overview of the field.

Paper :
Full paper at Computer Graphics Forum.