Sophia news: v0.5 and The Web Conference

Here are some news about Sophia (, the linked data toolkit for the Rust programming language.

Yesterday, I was honored to present Sophia at The Web Conference 2020 Developer's Track (which was held online, due to the COVID-19 situation). My slides are available online, and the presentation was recorded and should be published soon.

I also just released a version 0.5 of the crate, or more precisely the crates, as we have started the move towards making Sophia more modular. So what's new since v0.4:

  • @MattesWhite has done an amazing job refactoring and improving the Term type.
  • This type now has its own crate sophia_term.
  • Sophia now has preliminary support for JSON-LD in the sophia_jsonld crate.
  • I also created an adapter for @Tpt's excellent Oxigraph project. This means that now you can have a persistent Sophia dataset, that you can query using SPARQL!

What's coming next:

  • Work on Web Assembly support is still in progress.
  • I have (only just) started playing with PyO3 to try and create a Python binding.

And that's it for the moment. Again, many thanks to everyone who contributed to this project.