Alexandre Meyer

Maître de Conférences (HDR)
Université Lyon 1 - LIRIS
Bâtiment Nautibus (710),
43, Boulevard du 11 Novembre 1918
Phone: (+33) (0)4 72 43 19 75
e-mail: alexandre.meyer -at-

I am Assistant Professor (HDR) in the Computer Science Department at the Université Lyon 1 since 2004. I do my research in the SAARA group of the LIRIS Lab. I received my doctorate in Computer Science from the Université Grenoble 1 in 2001, prepared in the iMAGIS/EVASION-INRIA team and 6 months in the LIGUM Lab (Université de Montréal). From 2002 to 2003, I was a postdoctoral fellow at University College London in the Virtual Environments and Computer Graphics group.

My research work is at the interface between computer graphics and computer vision. In computer vision, my work focuses on the recognition of expressions from faces and body movements, often making a link with animation or perception. On the computer graphics side, my work ranges from procedural animation (zero data) to learning based animation, with a special interest in editing or creating style in animations. See my research page.

I teach algorithm, programming, computer graphics, computer animation and recently machine learning for images at different levels. See my teaching page. From 2007 to September 2020, I was in charge with Nathalie Guin (2007-2010) and with Elodie Desseree (2010-2020) of the Bachelor in Computer Science “licence d'informatique”.