Undergraduate main modules


  • Data structures and algorithms

  • Imperative and object-oriented programming (Python, Java, Pascal, Delphi/Kylix/Lazarus)

    Python Road Book for problem-based learning (in french)

  • Data flow and visual programming (LabVIEW)

  • Symbolic computation and numerical analysis (Matlab, Mathematica, Maple)

  • Database design and query languages (relational algebra, SQL)

  • Introduction to software engineering and project management

  • Application domains

    • Artificial Intelligence (board games)
    • Physical/Chemical/Biological phenomena simulation
    • Image processing
    • Human Computer Interface

Online resources of the department for students

Postgraduate main modules

  • Data mining principles (frequent patterns, rules, sequential patterns, classification , clustering)
  • Data mining applications using Scikit-Learn and Knime
  • Databases and Web access (MySQL server, PHP)