Dr. Hamida Seba

Associate professor HDR, University Lyon 1







Current PhD students

-       Antoine Castillon – Online algorithms for graph compression. Co-supervised with Julien Baste and Clarisse Dhaenens (CRIStal, Univ Lille) and Mohammed Haddad (LIRIS, Univ Lyon 1) within ANR COREGRAPHIE.

-       Ali Yassin    Graph Compression.  Co-supervised with Olivier Togni (LIB, Dijon) and Hocine Cherifi (ICB, Dijon) within ANR COREGRAPHIE.

-       Farouk  Damoun    Federated learning and graph neural networks. Co-supervised with Radu State (SnT/Luxembourg)

-       Walid Megherbi – Anomaly detection in graph streams. Co-supervised with Mohammed Haddad (LIRIS- Univ Lyon 1) within ANR GLADIS.

-       Abderaouf Gacem    Deep learning on graphs.  Co-supervised with Mohammed Haddad (LIRIS).

-       François Pitois    Regularity search and succinct representation of graphs. Co-supervised with Olivier Togni (LIB-Dijon) and Mohammed Haddad (LIRIS).


Former PhD students

-       Ikenna Oluigbo    Contributions to random walk based graph representation learning.  Defence on November 24th 2022. Co-supervised with Mohammed Haddad (LIRIS). Ikenna is a postdoc at LIRIS.

-       Abd Errahmane Kiouche     Graph comparison : approach by compression and sampling. Defended on November 9th 2021. Co-supervised with Karima Amrouche (ESI). Currently postdoc at LIRIS, Université Lyon 1.

-       Rim Gasmi   Reliable Applications in vehicular networks. Defended on November 22nd 2020.  Co-direction with  Pr Makhlouf Aliouat (univ-Sétif) within the PHC TASSILI DATACAP.

-       Sarra Messai – Mobility management in Wireless Sensor networks, defended on November 24th 2019.  Co-direction with Pr Abdallah Boukerram (University Sétif 1) within the PHC TASSILI DATACAP.

-       Chemseddine Nabti – Subgraph Isomorphism Search in Massive Graph Data, defended on December 15th 2017. Currently at Adelyce, France.

-       Kamel Madi    Graph-based approach to large scale Kite recognition, defended December 13th 2016. Co-direction With Pr H. Kheddouci(LIRIS), C.- E. Bichot (LIRIS) and O. Barge(Archéorient) within the KITE project. Currently at Umanis.

-       Mohamed-Lamine MESSAI    Group key management in wireless sensor networks. Defended   Avril 2016. Co-directed with Makhlouf Alliouat.  Currently an Asoociate professor at Université Lyon 2.

-       Besem Abid – Optimizing data collection in wireless sensor networks, defended March 23rd 2015. Currently at ITRON France.

-       Kaouther Drira   Graph-coloring and clustering, defended on December 14th 2010. Co-direction with H. Kheddouci.


-       Tobias Rupp: Funded by ANR COREGRAPHIE (2023).

-       Abd Errahmane Kiouche: funded by ANR GLADIS (2022- 2023).

-       M.-L. Messai: post doc fellow funded by PHC project, 2017.

-       Riadh Kennoufa – postdoc fellow funded by CCI de l’AIN, 2010.

Master (M2-intership) students

-       Gouasmia Malak, Exploration du graphe de softawre heritage, 2024.

-       Athmane Mansour Bahar & Kamel Ferrahi (binome), Détection des menaces persistantes avancées par apprentissage profond sur les graphes, 2024, co-encadré avec M. Messai.

-       Souhail Sadat & Mohamed-Yacine Touahria-Miliani (binome), Détection d'anomalies en cybersécurité en utilisant le plongement hyperbolique des graphes et l'apprentissage automatique, 2024, co-encadré avec Mohammed Haddad.

-       Mohamed Kadri & Djameleddine Hamouche (binome). Anomaly detections in graph streams. Oct 2022-June 2023. Co-supervised by L. Messai

-       Clement Aralou. Deep learning approach to graph compression. Co-supervised with S. Ndiaye and Mohammed Haddad. Feb-June 2023.

-       Aymen Ourdjini, Graph kernels, Feb.-June 2022. Co-supervised with A. Kiouche.

-       Maria Badr, anomaly detection in graph streams, April-October 2022. Co-supervised with M. Haddad.

-       Antoine Castillon. Graph Compression by clique mining. Feb-June 2021. Co-supervised with J. Baste and M. Haddad.

-       Walid Megherbi. Dense graph mining. Feb-June 2021. Co-supervised with M. Haddad.

-       Gaetan Berthe, graph sparsification. Feb-June 2021. Co-supervised with M. Habib and M. Haddad.

-       Abderaouf Gacem, Graph learning: Feb-June 2020. Co-supervised with Karima Amrouche and Mohammed Haddad

-       Valentin Comas, Large-scale machine learning on graph data and application to image processing.

Co-supervised with Mohammed Haddad, Emmanuel Perrin et Fabien Millioz: Feb-June 2020.

-       Khaled Chabane, Compression of  RDF graphs : Feb-June 2020. Co-supervised with K. Amrouche and Mohammed Haddad

-       Mohammed Chikouche, Urban data analysis, an approach based on graph compression: Feb-June 2020. Co-supervised with K. Amrouche,  Jhon Samuel and Sylvie Servigne

-       François Pitois, Graph Compression by structural partitioning: Feb-June 2018. Co-supervised with Mohammed Haddad

-       Hafsa Bousbiat and Sana Ihadadene , state of the art on graph compression(2018). Co-supervised with Karima Amrouche.

-       Nicolas Pinson, Graph compression preserving distances, (co-supervised with Mohammed Haddad (2018).

-       Nesrine Belhocine  and Walid Guermah, Analysis and implementation of graph compression approaches. Co-supervised with Karima Amrouche and Mohammed Haddad (2018).

-       Thamer Mecharnia and Salah Boukhetta, Graph matching and application to Kite recognition. Co-supervised with Karima Amrouche (2018).

-       Cyril Veve, Graph sampling (2016).

-       Jocelyn Bernard, Maximum and maximal clique problems on compressed graphs (2015)

-       Valentin Lachand, Graph matching by decomposition (2015)

-       Aurelien Dussauge, Geometric graphs (2015)

-       Finn Volkel, Maximum Clique enumeration in larges graphs (2014)

-       Elsen RONONDO, Matching large graphs (2014)

-       Nguyen Tien TRUNG, Data aggregation for energy saving in wireless sensor networks (2013).

-       Wiem ELGHAZEL, Data aggregation in real time sensor networks (2012).

-       Abir M’baya, Graph matching (2012).

-       Sonia, ABBAS, web service mathmaking (2011).

-       Sofiane LAGRAA, Web Service machmaking by subgraph matching (2010).

-       Anissa Abroughi, Energy saving and clustering (2008).

-       Kaouther Drira, network clustering for group key management (2006).