PhD students
André Fabbri (2011 - ...)

Thesis on AI algorithms for Computer Go programs (based on a Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm).

Co-supervised with S. Hassas and F. Armetta.

Joint work:
  • A. Fabbri, F. Armetta, E. Duchêne and S. Hassas: A new self-acquired knowledge process for Monte Carlo Tree Search, ECAI 2012.

Mohamed A. Tahraoui (2009 - 2012)

Thesis on coloring and embedding problems on labeled graphs. Defended on Dec, 4th 2012. 

Co-supervised with H. Kheddouci.

Joint work:
  • E. Duchêne, H. Kheddouci, R.J. Nowakowski and M.A. Tahraoui: Labeled packing of graphs, to appear in Australasian Journal of Combinatorics. [ PDF ]
  • M.A. Tahraoui, E. Duchêne and H. Kheddouci:  Gap vertex distinguishing edge colorings of graphs, Discrete Math., vol. 312 (20), 3011-3025, 2012. [ PDF ]
  • M.A. Tahraoui, E. Duchêne and H. Kheddouci: Labeled embeddings of trees, soumis.
Master students
Romain Giuge (2012)

Similarity research for trademark comparison. Co-supervised with B. Tellez.

Gabriel Beaulieu (2010)
Game coloring on graphs.
Joint work:
  • G. Beaulieu, K. Burke and E. Duchêne: Impartial Coloring games, to appear in Theoretical Computer Science. [ ArXiv ]

Gérard Chassan (2009)
Tiling problems in graphs. Co-supervised with D. Grenier.

Marius Tankeu de Kigwa (2005)

M1 internship. Java programs for the Maths a Modeler website.