Lyon graph meetings

The graph meetings are a series of meeting about graph theory in Lyon. It aims at gathering people from different institutions around common interests in graph theory. The meetings are less formal than seminars, with more diverse formats and more discussions.

We (try to) have physical meetings twice a month, alternating between LIP (ENS Lyon) and LIRIS (University of Lyon).

Useful information

Announcements: The meetings are announced on the mailing list graphesalyon[at]
This mailing list is primarily used to announce seminars in the Lyon area, and is managed by Nicolas Bousquet (nicolas.bousquet[at]

Contact: For any question, contact Laurent: laurent.feuilloley[at], and for urgent matter: 06 72 31 57 **, where ** is 34.



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Past meetings

Seventh graph meeting - May 19th Sixth graph meeting - December 9th Fifth graph meeting - November 26th Forth graph meeting - November 4th Third graph meeting - October 14th Second graph meeting - October 1st First graph meeting - September 20th