Lyon graph meetings

The graph meetings aim at gathering people interested in graphs in the Lyon area.

We have physical meetings regularly, alternating between LIP (ENS Lyon) and LIRIS (University of Lyon). The usual format is: two 40 minute talks, on the board, with a lot of interaction.

Useful information

Announcements: The meetings are announced on the mailing list graphesalyon[at]
To join the list, write to Nicolas Bousquet (nicolas.bousquet[at]

Contact: For any question about the meetings, contact Laurent: laurent.feuilloley[at], and for urgent matter: 06 72 31 57 **, where ** is 34.



A tentative schedule for the meetings until the end of 2023.

→ Next meeting: December 7

Past meetings

20th graph meeting - November 9
  • The meeting took place on Thursday November 9, at 2 PM, at the LIRIS, at the second floor (chaired by Théo).
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19th graph meeting - October 19
  • The meeting took place on Thursday October 19, at 2:15 PM, at the LIP, in salle du conseil.
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18th graph meeting - September 21
  • The meeting took place on Thursday September 21, at 2PM, at the LIP, in salle M7.
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Academic year 2022-2023

17th graph meeting - July 11
16th graph meeting - June 27
  • The meeting took place on Tuesday June 27, at 10AM, at the LIP, in Room B1.
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15th graph meeting - June 8
14th graph meeting - May 5
13th graph meeting - April 4
12th graph meeting - January 17
11th graph meeting - December 13
  • The meeting took place on Tuesday December 13, at 10AM, at the LIRIS, in Salle visio. This meeting had a very low attendance, hence the speakers will give their talks again later this year.
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10th graph meeting - November 22

Academic year 2021-2022

9th graph meeting - June 16th
8th graph meeting - June 3rd
Seventh graph meeting - May 19th Sixth graph meeting - December 9th Fifth graph meeting - November 26th
  • The meeting took place at ENS, at the "Salle du conseil" at 10:30 AM.
  • Schedule:
    • Median and simplex graphs, by Pierre Bergé.
      Links: Median graphs on wikipedia. Two recent papers about the diameter of median graphs: here and there.
    • Model checking for first-order logic with connectivity predicate, by Alexandre Vigny.
      Links: The two papers: here and there.
Forth graph meeting - November 4th Third graph meeting - October 14th Second graph meeting - October 1st
  • The meeting took place at LIRIS, in the "Salle visio" (ground level, on the left of the entrance) at 10:30.
  • Schedule:
First graph meeting - September 20th