• Research code

    Private: access restricted to Arches team of the LIRIS laboratory.

    Our team works on innovative methods to generate realistic Virtual Worlds. Our research encompasses procedural generation, ecosystem simulation, terrain synthesis, cloudscapes generation, and river simulation.

    Arches is a platform for the simulation and procedural generation of complex virtual worlds. It It gathers and combines the developments of the GEOMOD (2008-2020) and ORIGAMI (2020-) team at LIRIS on virtual worlds. Arches runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS, and relies on the Qt6 library for the creation of the user interface. The platform includes multiple tools for modeling and rendering large landscapes with many details. The results can be used directly in professional software such as Autodesk Maya or Vue from E-on software.

  • Architecture

    Arches relies on different libraries, coded in C++ 17/C++ 20. Libraries are not publicly available. The online documentation can be found here:
    Core A framework for core classes.
    Maya Realtime visualization of meshes.
    Arches Hybrid implicit - layered stack representation for volumetric terrains.
    Blob The BlobTree model, an hierarchical implicit surface construction tree.
    Heightfield Terrains: digital elevation models and processing.
    Terra Procedural primitives for modeling elevation terrains.
    Path Anisotropic shortest path.
    Signed Signed distance fields construction tree.

  • Papers

    Most papers written since 1996 are based on this code.