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Guillaume Lavoué  

Professor at the École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Saint-Étienne (ENISE),
affiliated to Ecole Centrale de Lyon.

Researcher at the LIRIS laboratory, in the Origami research team.

My research interests lie in the areas of Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality, including geometry processing, 3D graphics compression, applied visual perception, and objective/subjective quality assessment.


Google Scholar and DBLP profiles.


  • Influence of Scenarios and Player Traits on Flow in Virtual Reality
    Elise Lavoué, Sophie Villenave, Audrey Serna, Clémentine Didier, Patrick Baert, Guillaume Lavoué,  IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics, accepted, 2023.
  • Modeling and hexahedral meshing of cerebral arterial networks from centerlines
    Méghane Decroocq, Carole Frindel, Pierre Rougé, Makoto Ohta, Guillaume Lavoué, Medical Image Analysis, Volume 89, October 2023.
  • Does this virtual food make me hungry? Effects of visual quality and food type in virtual reality
    Florian Ramousse, Pierre Raimbaud, Patrick Baert, Clémentine Helfenstein-Didier, Aurélia Gay, Catherine Massoubre, Bogdan Galusca, Guillaume Lavoué, Frontiers in Virtual Reality, section Virtual Reality and Human Behaviour, Volume 4, 2023.
  • SpecTrHuMS: Spectral Transformer for Human Mesh Sequence learning
    Clément Lemeunier, Florence Denis, Guillaume Lavoué, Florent Dupont, Computer & Graphics (Proceedings of 3DOR 2023), Volume 115, Pages 191-203, 2023.
  • Crafting the MPEG metrics for objective and perceptual quality assessment of Volumetric Videos
    Jean-Eudes Marvie, Yana Nehmé, Danillo Graziosi, Guillaume Lavoué, Quality and User Experience (Springer), Volume 8, Article No. 4, 2023.
  • Textured Mesh Quality Assessment: Large-Scale Dataset and Deep Learning-based Quality Metric
    Yana Nehmé, Johanna Delanoy, Florent Dupont, Jean-Philippe Farrugia, Patrick Le Callet, Guillaume Lavoué, ACM Transactions on Graphics, Volume 42, Issue 3, Article No. 31, pp 1–20, 2023. Presented at SIGGRAPH 2023.
  • Immersive Multisensory Digital Twins: concept, methods and case study
    Charles Javerliat, Pierre Raimbaud, Sophie Villenave, Pierre-Philippe Elst, Eliott Zimmermann, Martin Guesney, Mylène Pardoen, Patrick Baert, Guillaume Lavoué, Workshop on Multisensory Experiences (SENSORYX '23), At ACM IMX 2023.
  • ReVBED: A semi-guided virtual environment for inducing food craving in a binge-eating therapy process
    Florian Ramousse, Guillaume Lavoué, Patrick Baert, Vikesh Bhoowabul, Séverine Fleury, Baptiste Ravey, Aurélia Gay, Catherine Massoubre, and Clémentine Helfenstein-Didier, CARE IMX Workshop , At ACM IMX 2023.
  • Adaptive streaming of 3D content for web-based virtual reality:  an open-source prototype including several metrics and strategies
    Jean-Philippe Farrugia, Luc Billaud, Guillaume Lavoué, ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (MMSys) 2023 - Open Dataset & Software track.
  • Progressive Compression of Triangle Meshes
    Vincent Vidal, Lucas Dubouchet, Guillaume Lavoué, and Pierre Alliez, Image Processing On Line, Volume 13, pp. 1–21, 2023.