A Simple Discrete Calculus for Digital Surfaces
A New Lattice-based Plane-probing Algorithm
Hierarchical mesh-to-points as-rigid-as-possible registration
Convexity Preserving Contraction of Digital Sets
Digital surface regularization by normal vector field alignment
Parameter-free and Multigrid Convergent Digital Curvature Estimators
2D Subquadratic Separable Distance Transformation for Path-Based Norms
Convergence asymptotique du tenseur de courbure en géométrie discrète
Integral based Curvature Estimators in Digital Geometry
Separable Distance Transformation and its Applications
Multigrid convergence of discrete geometric estimators
Measure of Straight Lines for Digital Contour Analysis
Volumetric analysis of digital objects using distance transformation: performance issues and applications
Quasi-Affine Transformation in 3-D: Theory and Algorithms
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Hierarchical Discrete Medial Axis for Sphere-Tree Construction
Quasi-Affine Transformation in Higher Dimension
Gift-Wrapping based Preimage Computation Algorithm
Digital Planarity - a review
Topological and Geometrical Reconstruction of Complex Objects on Irregular Isothetic Grids
Minimal Decomposition of a Digital Surface into Digital Plane Segments is NP-Hard
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Computational aspects of Digital Plane and Hyperplane Recognition
Supercover Model and Digital Straight Line Recognition on Irregular Isothetic Grids
Optimal shape and inclusion: open problems
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